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  • • Adjustable Gamma
  • Gamma value is adjustable from 1.0 to 3.0 as user's preference to monitor in the dark area of the picture.
    Any pictures taken in either light or dark environment can be easily watched or analyzed.
  • Adjustable Gamma image
  • • Remote Control via Ethernet
  • The OBM series can be connected via Ethernet connection and controlled remotely on the network.
  • Remote Control via Ethernet image
  • • Waveform & Vector Scope Position Changeable
  • The position of Waveform and Vectro Scope can be changed among Left Top, Right Top, Right Bottom, Left Bottom.
  • Waveform & Vector Scope Position Changeable image
  • • Various Markers
  • The OBM series can display various markers, including aspect marker, area marker, and center marker. In addition, the detailed display settings of each marker are allowed. For example, the color, brightness, horizontal/vertical position, and thickness of aspect markers can all be adjusted.
  • Various Markers image
  • • In-Monitor Display(IMD) Function
  • The image source names and tally information can be displayed on the screen, with an external remote function via Ethernet. The TSL system protocol is supported. The color of the source name and tally color can be selectable among White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta.
  • In-Monitor Display(IMD) Function image