Since its founding in 1999, the Seoul based Postium Korea has been a trusted supplier of professional broadcast, movie and studio equipment to many companies around the globe. For over ten years, we´ve combined our technology and expertise with the feedback from our customers to develop, engineer and manufacture our own LCD rack monitors which are now widely used by many broadcasting stations and OB vans worldwide.

Our 17″, 24″, 31″, 55″ 4K HDR monitors remain one of the world’s best thanks to their unique and innovative features. Furthermore, we´ve recently developed and started the shipping of several of our range of new products such as the versatile dual and quad monitoring solutions which have a range of 18.5″ to 55″.

We understand the pressures facing today´s professionals and the level of support. Hence with our elite and exclusive lines, we are here to take the load off our customers by delivering matching solutions to the customer´s technical, creative and budgetary objectives with the best and latest technology available.

We remain committed to providing total solutions for the next generation of broadcasting displays, sharing the success with our partners and becoming the global leader in field of Broadcast Monitors. For over 10 years, Postium played a significant role in providing broadcasting equipment to companies worldwide and we definitely intend to continue this role of ours and deliver on our commitments for the decades to come.